Hair straighteners are ubiquitous in our daily life, but do you know its internal structure?

What’s generating its heat? Take a look at the picture:

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You can see the ceramic heating element inside

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    This type of spectrum product is printed on the Al2O-3 ceramic green sheet. After lamination, the metal and ceramic are co-fired at a high temperature of about 1650 °C, and then the lead is soldered.

    Heating element. This heating element is a new generation of products after the alloy heating wire and PTC heating element.

    It has been and will be rapidly applied to many fields of industrial and agricultural technology, communication, medical care, and low-temperature heating required for daily life. Such as small ventilation heaters, auxiliary heating of air conditioners, hairdryers, clothes dryers, heaters, warmers, dryers, electric splints, electric irons, hair straighteners, hair curlers, thermos, thermos, electric cookers, Water heating toilets, water heaters, electronic mosquito repellents, electric incense burners, electronic warmers, electronic warming shoes, and other household electric appliances; such as industrial drying equipment, electric thermal bonding, sealing machine, water, oil, acid, alkali Industrial heating such as liquid heating, UTR cylinders to prevent condensers; such as infrared physiotherapy, intravenous heating medical fields; food processing industries such as instant noodles, noodles, food drying, etc.; such as electric ferrochrome, small special crystal devices The thermostat and other electronics industries.

1. advantages of electric heating substrate:

1.1 Simple structure;

1.2 rapid heating, 10 seconds up to the rated 100 ° C ~ 230 ° C; 30 seconds up to 500 ° C ~ 700 ° C;

1.3 High thermal efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, in line with environmental protection requirements;

1.4 even heat, no open flame, safe to use;

1.5 The heating element is in a vacuum state, and the heater is resistant to acid and alkali and harmful gases;

1.6 Long service life and small power attenuation.

2. the main performance of the product:

  2.1 electrical performance:

2.1.1 Insulation resistance: R≥5×108Ω (500VDC)

2.1.2 Pressure resistance: 1500VAC 1 minute; 1800VAC 1 minute;

3750VAC 1 minute; 4000VAC 0.1 minutes;

2.1.3 Maximum applied voltage: 230VAC/120VAC

 2.2 physical properties:

2.2.1 Body density ≥ 3.6g/cm3

2.2.2 Bending strength ≥ 270MPa

2.2.3 Compressive strength ≥ 2700MPa

2.2.4 Lead tension: not less than 5kgf along the horizontal direction of the lead, and the lead and the substrate are not less than 3.5kgf in the direction of 90°C.

 2.3 temperature performance

2.3.1 Rated operating temperature: 100 ° C ~ 230 ° C

2.3.2 Maximum reachable temperature: 500 ° C ~ 700 ° C

2.3.3 Heating rate: 30 seconds to the rated temperature working temperature, 90 seconds to the highest temperature

Common size: 70*20mm, 70*15mm, 70*10mm, 70*7mm, 55*10mm

Thickness: 1.3mm or 2.0mm

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