What’s the key part of a room/space heater?

    2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and we, who are experiencing the COVID-19 epidemic, are also facing some abnormal climate.

    We all feel that this year’s winter seems to have come earlier and colder than usual. Space heaters have become a household necessity and are warming every cold day.

    It’s going to be winter soon. Is your house ready for the heater?

Do you know the features of space heater?

Efficient Heating: Space Heater quickly & evenly warm an entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature, heats up to 70°F in 3 seconds to quickly provide warmth for 300 Square feet spaces.

Energy saving: Choose from 3 heating modes include High (1500W), Low (900W) and ECO modes; on ECO mode, the space heater will automatically adjust the operating power between 1500W and 900W, depending on the temperature difference between the room and the heating temperature you have set, to save energy and keep room comfortable.

Auto Shut Off: The heater is equipped with overheat protection and automatic anti-fall protection that it will shut off if the heater accidentally tipped over.

Handy Remote Control: Remote ECO Mode 12H Timer Easily control all the settings without getting up; The remote can be stored in the slot in the back of the heater when not in use.

So what’s the key part for this lovely space/room heater?

Yes, you’re right. That is the PTC heating elements.